UI Team


Hannu Korhonen

1950’s – 2017

Consulting Scientist

Natural Resources Institute of Finland (formerly MTT Agrifood Research Finland)

Scientist, Professor and NGO Representative, Medical Research

Hannu J. Korhonen has a professional career of 44 years as a scientist, university professor, leader of international research for development projects and director of a governmental research institution. He graduated from the University of Helsinki in 1970 majoring in Dairy Technology and General Microbiology. He obtained a PhD. degree in dairy science from the same university in 1974. From 1973 to 1978 he worked as a research scientist and teacher at the University of Helsinki. From 1978 to 1992 he worked in dairy development programs in East Africa for FAO and the Finnish Government. Since 1994 he has worked for MTT Agrifood Research Finland (a Governmental research institution now called Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke), the first 12 years as Director of Food Research Institute and currently as Research Professor focusing on bioactive dietary compounds, especially bioactive peptides, functional foods and food safety. Since 2011, he is also Director of the FoodAfrica research for development program which is coordinated by Luke and implemented in six sub-Saharan African countries. Professor Korhonen has published totally more than 300 scientific and technical papers and book chapters. He has held many national and international commissions of trust and has given more than 50 invited presentations at international congresses. Since 2007, he is a member of the NDA (Nutrition, Dietary substances and Allergies) Panel of European Food Safety Authority EFSA. He is responsible for numerous studies, a book on hyper-immune cow colostrum and numerous studies for the effectiveness of hyper-immune colostrum in humans.

Todd Hunter

Chief Technical Officer

2006 – 2017

As a researcher for former U.S. public company beginning in 2005 he began his instruction under the guidance of the then CEO, Chief Operating Scientist and other Directors who produced the first targeted H1N1 antibody package. His further research and collaborations with the Canada’s Minister of Health and Canada’s Health Director for application of laws and regulations for the use of bovine antibodies has led directly to the first plan to conduct clinical trial to produce a product for Canada’s Major Enteric Problem as well as HIV, Cancer, Universal Flu and vaccine replacement option. His research of immunology of various global studies in humans set him in a search of the use of multiple applications of oral antibodies. In 2010 he received CGMP Training at the company facilities. Then conducted further research on the use of hyper immunized targeted antibodies and broad spectrum packaging for cellular, brain, heart, cancer autoimmune disorders.


Former Chairman, CEO

1980 – 2017 Chairman and CEO of Private and Public Companies (anonymity required for family health reasons) The former President and CEO is requesting anonymity due to age and family health issues. He developed McDonald’s testing equipment for E-coli 015:H7. Worked on developing equine diagnostic equipment and proteins for global sales. Develops US and Global Plan to produce Turn-Key Plant Facilities for Oral Antibodies. Develops and Oversees the technical, product and diagnostic development of equipment and product lines and implements initially diagnostics equipment sales globally. He oversaw full scale cow herd pre discovery clinical trials in the State of California. As 2008 down turn of economy sets up another corporation for the purpose of making and selling human and later animal products. At the age of 65 he retired while keeping an active interest to get product to the market. During this time period of research and new product formulations he has taken on a consulting position due to retirement and family health and has granted Ummunity Corp exclusive rights to represent global operations. He will oversee plant facilities in Wisconsin.

Cristiano Rizzi

Corporate Counsel

2016 – 2017

Cris is our Corporate Counsel for Intellectual Property, Legal Affairs, Patents, Registration and brings with him over 10 years of legal experience to the management team. His background knowledge will be critical to help us begin to commence copyrighting. trade marking company names, logo, and set up company agreements with major group interests. Cris is an Italian Attorney and he holds the twofold qualifications as Attorney(incorporated at theDistinguished Bar Association of Salamanca– Spain)and as “Established Attorney”according to EU Directive 98/5/EC(Milan Bar -Order of Attorney’s of Milan). Moreover his latest publication titled “Chinese Expansion in the EU” published by the American Bar Association of 2016 is an indispensable instrument of Chinese and European investments flow in the respective markets.

Vice President and CFO

2009 – 2017

We have a seasoned CFO who has been working with us who is ready to join us as soon as we are properly funded.

Ermal Llaha
CFO and Certified Public Accountant


Ermal has recently joined us and holds his Masters as a Certified Accountant. His accounting background in government accounting and public company auditing will be vital as we transition project to project. His professional background will help us to run a tight ship as we wait for our seasoned CFO who has been working with us for years and who is ready to join us as soon as we are properly funded. Ermal will continue with us as company accountant permanently.