1984 – McDonald’s E Coli O15 H7 Testing Machine

2009 – First Disease Free Herd Raised

2009 – First human trials to prove antibody packages in humans can prevent mortality and treat multiple enteric (diarrhea) diseases.

2010 to 2016 – Further oral antibody research on the use of hyper immunized targeted antibodies and broad spectrum packaging for cellular, brain, heart, cancer autoimmune disorders.

2017 – First website launching various Drugs, Medical Foods, Animal Health Care and Dietary Supplements products with more changes to come.

2017 – Conducts clinical trials using public crowdfunding to prove hyper immune oral antibodies from bovine colostrum and chicken eggs can treat and prevent multiple diseases and then to fast track them with communication between the FDA throughout the entire drug development and review process for:

  1. Multiple Diarrhea or Enteric Diseases
  2. Multiple Immunization Recommended Diseases for Preemies and Children
  3. Multiple Immunity Packages for PID’s and HIV/AIDS
  4. Multiple Influenza Vaccine Alternative
  5. Multiple Immunity Package for Cancers
  6. Multiple Immunity Package for Cavities in Gum