Animal Product Overview

Product Overview

Ummunity Corp has developed a line of products called BridgeTM to help with the wellness management of horses, dairy and beef herds. We offer a preventative approach with proprietary supplements that block the actual microorganisms from even entering a newborn calf, foal or colt and use lick tank and nasal protectant.

Follow up feedings keep the calf safe from the second day until day 35 when the calf’s own immune system takes over. BridgeTM is also a great way to assist an animal’s immune system when it is under stress from shipping or adjustment to a new feed lot.

The process includes the collection of colostrum and chicken eggs to produce the BridgeTM products. Key to our success is our ability to demonstrate that delivery of antibodies to various mucus membrane lined parts of an animal’s body will prevent the entrance or colonization of microbes. The antibodies can be fed orally, sprayed into the mouth or nasal passages or given in dry form. We describe our process as intramucosal passive protectantTM.

It is designed to cross-react with given groups of microbes such as Pasteurella, Clostridium, Johnes, Mycoplasma, E.coli, Salmonella, Mastitis organisms, and BVD viruses.  This produces the concentrated, broad spectrum, functional bovine gamma globulins that are at the core of our horse, dairy and beef wellness solutions. Nasal sprays, lick tanks and mixing BridgeTM with normal feeding procedures allows herd managers to efficiently address a broad range of threats—no matter how BridgeTM products are administered.