Universal PID-AIDSpak

Rather than finding a vaccine for HIV/AIDS OR Primary Immunodeficiency Disorders Ummunity approaches HIV/ AIDS  and many chronic or Primary immunodeficiency Disorders to improve the life and and health of patients by providing specific antibody packages that target the diseases/pathogens/germs, and/or infections rather than a “specific” vaccine or antibody for a strain of HIV/AIDS.

It is common knowledge that Infected HIV/AIDS patients, and those who not know they have it, or those in whom the disease has not been detected as it lies dormant, or even immune deficient patients, that their deficiencies, come from a lack of immunity to specific diseases found in the environment. Therefore it’s much more appropriate to produce packages for these deficiencies or pathogenic environmental packages and as time becomes available to add specific HIV, AIDS, and PID’s antibodies to these packages to produce truly universal product. In fact our current Universal PID-AIDSpak is a very effective and robust product to improve the quality of life specific antibodies pointed at the diseases found in global environmental footprints.

In immune deficiency disorders the named disease may not always be the reason why the patient relents. Individuals can suffer from diarrhea, flus, colds, fevers, and many other pathogens that enter their bodies. Thus Universal PID-AIDSpak is designed for a wide range of immune deficiency disorders ranging from AIDS to CFS, or other illnesses with specific antibody deficiencies.

Universal PID-AIDSpak is designed to target all the environmental pathogens found in an environment. If the immune system is topped off or can maintain its efficacy then an individual will enjoy a higher quality of life.

It is important to note here that these products still need investigation and market authorization has not yet been obtained.