Ummunity Platforms

Antibody Formulations

The history of the concept “immune milk” started in 1950’s suggesting that orally administered bovine colostrum could provide passive immune protection for humans. Since 1980’s an increasing number of studies and companies have emerged to research and sell specific milk or colostrum derived antibodies from immunized cows for treatment or prevention of various gastrointestinal diseases. Thus bovine colostral antibodies are recognized as human phagocytes to bind, kill and ingest pathogenic activity also in humans.

Ummunity Corp is committed to developing and designing hyper-immune bovine and egg colostrum blends that could bind multiple pathogens as oral antibody packages, targeting very specific human diseases not just gastrointestinal diseases.

Thus a three step platform was created to use specially targeted specific and blended antibodies.

Specifically Targeted Broad Spectrum Packages (STBSP)
To produce high quality combinations of many different kinds of antibodies STBSP or specifically targeted broad spectrum packages was devised. These specifically targeted broad spectrum packages and could be likened to multiple polyvalent vaccines, only in that they contain large quantities of safe and effective multiple antibodies that are harvested from cows colostrum and eggs. As one antibody weighs 160,000 Daltons, this opened up the way to combine tens or hundreds of very specific antibodies and prevent pathogenic colonizing. Thus, these various groups or clades of antibodies can be targeted at a very large and wide range of specific diseases in one package safe and effectively.
Produce one major kind of antibody from each animal
Select antibodies or groups of antibodies designed for very specific pathogens
Tens or hundreds of specific antibodies can be used in varying packages

Antibody Preservation Control (APC)

Critical to the final product was the efficacy of antibodies. Antibodies have a “half-life” and begin to decay as soon as extracted from their source. So a process was designed to preserve these antibodies so as to not lose or affect efficacy, safety, potency and quality otherwise they couldn’t be guaranteed. This process is called APC or Antibody Preservation Control. This process also eliminates the need for cool storage or special handling and requires no expiry date. APC antibody packages are ready to work until the package is opened.

Universal Immunity Oral Antibodies Packages (UIOAP)

However due to the vast array of clades or strains of pathogens (diseases) and their corresponding antibodies, – UIOAP or Universal Immunity Oral Antibodies Packaging was designed for the many different kinds of antibodies packages required corresponding diseases. Using proprietary formulations to package for example antibodies for Ebola strains, Influenzas strains, immune deficiency strains, a true full broad spectrum of packages could be used to treat and prevent pathogens with different packages. Likewise countries or global regions such as in the US there are over 31 major pathogens in food borne illnesses or in Canada where a minimum of 12 major diarrhea diseases strains has caused a major enteric problem it is possible to now make special packages to prevent and treat these pathogens. Also, global scientists have also discovered that of the over 200 strains of certain HIV pathogens a dozen or so are responsible for the infections as they are called the dominant strains.

Therefore where top emerging diseases likely to cause major epidemics on the continent of Africa such as Crimean Congo haemorrhagic fever, Ebolavirus diseases Bundibugyo, Zaire, Reston, Sudan, Taï Forest and Marburg, Lassa fever, MERS and SARS coronavirus, Nipah and Rift Valley fever as well as TB and a multiple of diarrhea strains can all be added to one package.

So UIOAP opens up the way to design special formulation packages for the above as well as all the specific diseases of preemies, infants, childhood, adulthood and the elderly and design one package unique to that age group or groups. Again, these packages could be used as a one time only dose or daily doses in both, communicable or non communicable diseases depending on the condition of the individual’s health status.