Oral Antibodies VS Vaccines

Oral Antibodies

Bovine colostrum contain 100 more times antibodies than regular cows milk and play a key role in killing pathogens. Oral  antibodies work immediately, which means in the time of epidemic, like with Ebola or Flu when and if we would sneeze, there would be no shedding or spreading of the disease(s). This is especially important when in the case of an extremely toxic pathogen. We don’t spread it. Vaccines do not prevent us from sneezing and coughing, but on the contrary. So in this way Ummunity oral antibodies will be much more effective in spreading epidemics.

Ummunity oral antibodies again, not only work faster and work more effectively, but also eliminate the symptoms of sickness or diseases that produce ill feeling, diarrhea,  the mal a laise feeling and/or fever like symptoms that come from infections like Flu or Ebola and other diseases. Why? Symptoms simply can’t exist as the pathogen is not permitted to spread, eliminating illness symptoms on account of the binding effect of the antibodies. Not only that, but pathogens are effectively prevented from entering into the blood stream through our mucus lining.

Ummunity antibodies also work on a whole range of various pathogens. However, vaccines work one at a time or 3 at a time with flu or MMR, with each injection. On account of using a milk based preparation such as colostrum that contains much less lactose and many more protein bio components that work together to help the gut and digestion, Ummunity oral antibodies products are not only quick acting, but also effective delivering not only specific and critical antibodies to fight and treat but also the bio components to help support the immune system to fight and prevent other sicknesses or infections.

Universal Oral Antibody Packages contain antibodies needed to fight against or treat specific diseases targeted at specific groups or strains or similar family strains of pathogens.

The first 6 different products ready for clinical trials include various kinds of antibody packages including: 1) multiple diarrhea or digestive disorders 2) a flu package or universal influenza targeted at all influenzas strains 3) a package of multiple antibodies targeted at all the recommended VFC or immunization programs 4) the fourth package is designed for a multitude of different immunodeficiency disorders including HIV/AIDS and primary immune deficiency disorders and 5) while our cancer pack is designed for those who have early stage cancers such as Hodgkin’s and Leukemia or chronic cancers and 6) the last package is designed by using gum to prevent dental caries with a potential African blend outlined by WHO. However all these packages also include an array of many other environmental antibodies that protect from colds or respiratory or flu’s.

Based on pre discovery trials with our Universal Diapak and Universal Flupak antibody immunity package, we plan to work with authorities to Fast Track these two products.

It is important to note here that these products still need investigation and market authorization has not yet been obtained.

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