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The views below and in this website are not the views of many in the medical community or professions.

Being disease free DOES NOT MEAN one is totally free of all disease or free of every disease, injury or malformations because new and emerging diseases appear all the time. Nor do we say this the cure all. However we do believe that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.

What our meaning is of humans being relatively disease free DOES MEAN, is that where multiple infectious diseases from communicable and some non communicable diseases do occur, a regular use of Ummunity Oral Antibodies may keep one free from the many antigens that cause diseases that we come in contact at different times of the year, circumstances, activities and at different ages. If not Ummunity Oral Antibodies should significantly reduce the incidences of infections of many diseases if not, totally prevent or treat them. We need more research conducted and clinical trials to establish the true term disease free.

For now though, being relatively disease free from such diseases found in our pipeline include: diarrhea, flu’s, or measles, mumps and all the other shots required for children, teenage and adult immunization programs for cold’s, pneumonia’s, Tuberculosis (TB) perhaps some cancers, heart and others diseases but that are put in one dose. We’re also looking at inventive ways to put the oral antibodies into gums, various drinks and various foods so we don’t have face that vicious needle!

Additionally we are conducting research of MS or multiple sclerosis, diseases and some forms of brain and Central Nervous System (CNS) diseases like Alzheimer’s, Autism etc… where specific antibodies can be made for all current and new and/or emerging diseases. These too, could be added too, or made as one dose.

Note: Dose amounts may vary in chronic to mild infections and how often doses need to be taken could vary, but it would be safe to say in most cases very small daily amounts could be enough to help us be relatively disease free.

Furthermore Norovirus, respiratory illnesses, various enteric nervous system (ENS) and many immune deficiency disorders and other new and current diseases like Ebola, Zika and/or all insect borne diseases can be packaged into one dose or added to doses of immunization vaccination programs.

Our vision is to find the “perfect” or “near perfect” blend of multitudinous antibodies or what we call a “maintenance package” for global regions of the earth where we are protected from the current diseases of these regions would be the next step to a diseases free globe. If a new disease emerges we simply add that one strain or multiple strains to the then new maintenance package or as a add on. This new product only takes up to 12 weeks to manufacture with all safety measures and checked and can be ready for clinical trials more quickly than vaccines.

For now we will concentrate on families of diseases to prove by clinical trials that we can treat and prevent multiple diseases with one dose as listed in our pipeline. These clinical trials will prove that potentially the perfect package is a real possibility and that we’re closer to being disease free.

Why wait for the disaster to happen? By using Ummunity Corp Oral Antibodies we can prevent epidemics, because our antibodies prevent oral dispersion of diseases or what is called colonization as antigens are trapped, bound or rendered harmless when they are surrounded by antibodies and therefore can not be passed on to others.

Our initial safety trials in humans indicate that taking multiple kinds of antibodies that are made to bind up specific pathogens, infections and germs is not only safe but is actually possible. We have done two things. The first thing is to make sure there are enough antibodies that can bind up as many specific or targeted diseases or pathogens as possible and second that we preserve them active in dry form so they are not only effective and potent enough that, but they don’t have to be kept cool like vaccines need to be.

Thus immunity by taking oral antibodies we deliver antibodies directly to where pathogens go, in our mouth, gut, nose and we’re working on getting antibodies into the blood stream and are close to doing that.

Just as inspiring as all this is, these new safe and effective antibodies can made be made within 30 days of an outbreak and the new products ready for clinical trial within 75 days for most if not all infectious diseases such as, Zika, MERS CoV or says a new flu or SARS. These new antibodies made within a few weeks can also be taken alone or added to the current product or products.

But in addition to all that, we use antibodies from cows first milk or colostrum and chicken eggs that will provide something even more important. Naturally, colostrum and eggs not only provide antibodies but also bio active ingredients and protein components. These help the digestive system and passage of antibodies and these other bio active ingredients and components naturally work together to help boost the immune system and other parts of the body. Calling to mind the old expression from our grandmothers or mothers used quite often, decades ago: “Drink your milk, its good for you!” may echo common knowledge that before the concept of the modern dairy, that possibly milk and maybe colostrum was what those mothers referred to.

Based on our own trials and the 1,000’s of documented studies of using regular colostrum or hyper immunized colostrum we believe that Ummunity’s oral antibody packages may have a remarkable potential to not only contribute to human health care, both as part of a health promoting diet and as an alternative to the medical treatment of specified human diseases in every day health care situations. Also its quite possible they can be used to supplement medical treatment and help humans become relatively disease free.

Ummunity Corp antibodies act like alert watchdogs waiting to gobble up and prevent pathogenic invaders from penetrating down the throat and intestines where pathogens would penetrate the lining of our throats, intestines, colon and other internal organs. And if you are wondering or thinking: “Will all these antibodies harm me?”, remember that our bodies even now produce many kinds of antibodies working right now in our bodies. Actually antibodies are body friendly and do not harm us and eventually, due to their life span, die off and end up in the waste system as all our other antibodies do.

Recent scientific research as mentioned above indicates that there is, in fact, a correlation of immunity in the gut that leads directly to other organs such as the brain an other parts of the body where antibodies or immunity seem to play a role in diseases. That is backed up by recent studies and articles by hundreds of universities throughout the US and the world and with whom Ummunity will begin partnering up to work with more lab and clinical trials in brain, heart, joint and other parts of the body to see how antibodies in the gut could play in managing, preventing or minimizing diseases affecting the body.

In the picture below we see how Ummunity Oral Antibodies ‘binding’ works. Taken on two slides side by side under a microscope try to look at the E Coli strain of antibodies surround and bind up an E coli diarrhea strain. Now try to picture or imagine multiple antibodies binding other pathogens and one can begin to understand how being relatively disease free could be a reality.

It is our goal to develop the next batches with the help of your Crowdfunding and in the meantime we encourage a use of our Dietary Supplements.

See Pipeline for product explanation and rationales.