Are you an anti vaccine company?

No. We believe that vaccines play a vital role in defending the public health. Of course there are always news about how people and children can’t or don’t want vaccines because of certain side affects and that is why we made an option for people to take something else instead of vaccines.

How do antibodies work?

The simple answer is antibodies play a specific role in our body. To fight infections and germs to defend your immune system by simply “binding up” all kinds of germs including pathogens (nasty disease causing germs) and infections. Each specific antibody has a certain job to do. To find and bind up specific germs or pathogens. They also have a life span by what is called a half life, which means they eventually die and end up with no efficacy at all. Once their job is done in fighting infections or germs and pathogens, they are emptied into our waste system, just like antibodies made from vaccines do.

Will antibodies hurt me?

In our first human trials we found that the antibodies were not harmful. They did their job and bound up a wide range of diarrhea pathogens (diseases). Regular cow’s milk and colostrum has long contained antibodies and regular cows milk has been used by humans for millenniums as well as human milk and colostrum. It appears that thousands of years of human use have not indicated or proven colostrum is harmful.

What about regular cows milk, do they contain antibodies?

Even in this 21st century, some countries mix colostrum and regular cow milk together and hundreds with millions of people currently drinking it. Regular cow milk contains multiple weakened or even dead antibodies, that are killed or deadened by modern milk processes.

What is your multiple blends, broad spectrum packaging or packages?

It means that we blend many types of antibodies for very specific diseases. We can take flu as an example. The seasonal flu shot protects against the three or four influenza viruses that research indicates will be most common during the upcoming season. We use antibodies that fight and treat over 20 different kinds of influenzas in our Universal FluPak. Our Universal Orpak deliver’s antibodies from flu to measles, mumps, rotavirus, diarrhea diseases, colds and many others. In other words we want to give you complete protection, not just an MMR.

How can I be sure they will not harm me?

In many countries regular colostrum can be purchased as a Health Product or Dietary Supplement which contain many kinds of antibodies that are non hyper-immunized. This proves antibodies will not harm you as health care systems in countries protect their consumers. What we do is produce specific antibodies for very specific diseases through a hyper immunization program (cows get repeated shots over a short period of time) thus resulting in the cow producing very specific antibodies that can be used to treat and prevent diseases.

What if I’m allergic to bovine or egg by-products?

We always recommend you check with your physician or practitioner to find out what you are able to use. Bovine colostrum is low in lactose and so lactose intolerance may not be an issue with some people.

What if I’m not sure whether I should take vaccines over your antibody packages?

Always consult with your medical doctor/physician or practitioner first.

What if I can’t take any colostrum, milk or eggs at all?

Please check with your physician/medical doctor or practitioner. The question comes up that I can’t take any milk, colostrum or egg at in my system because I’ll get very sick or worse. We have the capabilities to make non egg and non colostrum antibodies so please contact us and contact us. We can do more research on a product as an option for you and we’ll get back to you. This product would take about 4 weeks to develop and at least 2 weeks for initial lab testing.

Why do you make various blends of antibodies?

We never know which germ enter our bodies through breathing, water, food or by us touching our faces. So we provide antibody packages that are designed to protect you from a very wide range of harmful germs or infectious agents or pathogens. That is why we make blends or various packages. Some for a full protection and others for specific treatments. Initial trials in humans showed that our blend of specific antibodies worked on binding many different illnesses.

What Kinds of oral antibody packages do you make?

Universal Maintenance Pack is designed for everyday use, while Universal Orpak are immunity pack targeting most preemies, infants, childhood, adulthood and the elderly diseases that are recommended immunization programs for those different age groups in various countries. Others are: Universal PID-AIDSpak, Universal Diapak, Universal Flupak and Universal Cancerpak. Others are in the pipeline.

What kind of antibodies do you use?

We use antibodies from cows colostrum and chicken eggs. They contain IgG and IgY that fight specific infections or pathogens. However colostrum also many other antibodies such as IgM, IgA that play a role in regulating the bodies defense system. Ig is a scientific word for antibody or immunoglobulin. The G antibody fights infection. IgY is the antibody found in chickens.