Disease Free Herds

Animal Overview

As noted on our history page the first Oral Antibody packages were designed for cows and was and is called BridgeTM. Pre discovery full scale animal trials were set up using various BridgeTM products for 6 months in one of the largest dairy farms in California to see if the designed product worked safely on calves. Furthermore we wanted to determine if BridgeTM could be used to replace vaccination programs, thus ending mastitis, Johne’s, superbugs, anti-microbials and antibiotic resistance. The trials were a huge success.

We are currently waiting to have this line of products registered and available as soon as funding or an appropriate partner is available as a vaccine replacement program to use as an option to vaccines. Products are designed for calves to them get off to an optimum start towards active immunity. Another for the calves weaning time period and for shipping fever or feedlot transferrals or for respiratory challenges or GI tract responses and lastly for lick tank application. These products can contribute to ending the need of vaccines and antibiotics in herds. It will also end the development of superbugs and epidemics in herds and needless culling practices.

This program is not only cheaper to use, compared to the regular vaccination program for dairy and beef calves, but produces heavier and healthier calves without any diseases. Implementing this program to herds is a sure way to replace current regular vaccination programs, end mastitis, Johne’s, superbugs, anti-microbials and antibiotic resistance.

Any interested investors or partners should contact us at our Animal Health Care Division: See contact us page