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How do Bridge™ products address passive immunity?

Gamma globulins contained in Bridge™ products bind/block organisms before they can enter the body of an animal. This protects it during the time when it is young and still developing an active immune system or when the animal’s active immunity is weakened because of stress or other environmental reasons.

How do Bridge™ products promote greater health and wellness in beef and dairy herds?

Bridge™ products are produced in the following manner: selected cattle are vaccinated and plasma is collected. Then the plasma is concentrated for a specified product, and finally it is manufactured using proprietary protocols. The product is sold in either a dry or liquid form. Immunoglobulins (lgGs) within Bridge™ products bind/block foreign disease threats so that they cannot enter the body of the animal. This ability to stop challenges to the animal’s immune system before they can cause unhealthy conditions makes it far more likely that the animal can maintain a high level of continuous wellness.

Does it take a lot of time to give a calf the 1st Bridge™ protection product?

No. Simply mix the product with First Milk within 6 hours of birth. It helps the calf get off to an optimum start towards active immunity. Bridge™ eliminates the need for the usual second feeding.

What is Intramucosal Passive Protectant™ and what kind of health issues can it address? Intramucosal Passive Protectant™ is based on science that shows the delivery of IgG’s to the mucus membrane parts of an animal’s body will prevent the entrance of microbes to those areas. Passive prevention is valuable in aiding an animal’s ability to resist the threats posed by microbes such as Pasteurella, Hemophilus, Johnes, Mycoplasma, BVD viruses and many others.

How do you give Bridge™ to an animal?

There are several ways. It can be given in First Milk to a newborn calf. It can also be delivered as a nasal spray (as an intranasal passive protectant™), in lick tanks and in dry or liquid form during normal bovine feeding procedures.

Where can I buy Bridge™ products?

Simply contact one of our Animal Wellness Sales Representatives at sales@universalimmunity.com

What if I can’t take any colostrum, milk or eggs at all?

Please check with your physician/medical doctor or practitioner. The question comes up that I can’t take any milk, colostrum or egg at in my system because I’ll get very sick or worse. We have the capabilities to make non egg and non colostrum antibodies so please contact us. We can do more research on a product as an option for you and we’ll get back to you.

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