Letter from the Chief Technical Officer

The 21st Century opened up with H1N1, SARS, Ebola, Nipah and now Zika and still Cancers, HIV/AIDS, TB and Diarrhea diseases are leading killers just as when they emerged.

Equally challenging for the 21st Century is the overuse and abuse of antibiotics, antiviral medicines or drugs and drug resistance of many diseases and now leading to a new generation of superbugs as well as the increase of new and emerging diseases. With growing populations, the increase of global travel and globalized trade and infectious disease outbreaks are of international concern and are becoming inevitable as they remain unpredictable. There is also the increasing costs with and for Lower and Middle-Income Countries (LMIC’s). This challenge is so serious the W.H.O. has asked for a public consultation on ideas for potential platforms for their R&D Blueprint for Action to Prevent Epidemics to support development and production of health technologies for priority infectious diseases with epidemic potential.

By 2050’s the world’s population is calculated to be 9.7 billion and resistance to animal and human antibiotics and antimicrobials, medicines and drugs and vaccines, has created a search for new ways to find immunity. In 2012 Director of WHO, Margaret Chan said: “Higher population density, industrialization of food production and the increase in international travel have provided many opportunities for communicable diseases to spread”. The following year, in December 2013 Ebola broke out and the world was not prepared. Now we have Zika. We’re still struggling with over 250 Primary Immune Deficiency Disorders (PID’s), many Cancers, HIV/AIDS and heart problems and brain diseases like Alzheimer’s. While most of those diseases have been lurking MERS, from camels, typically a time-tested immune animal, came from out of nowhere and thus MERS-CoV.

Additionally with the increase of more beef, chicken, pork and dairy production to meet the world’s food demands there is a need to bridge those new or emerging diseases in humans and animals from drug resistance and reduce antibiotics and antiviral drugs quickly. Will there ever be an alternative or option to vaccines or safe and effective manner to prevent epidemics? Will there ever be a way to have true universal immunity to prevent numerous diseases with one product? And to prevent disease transfer from animal to animal, animal to human and human to human? We believe we found the way. The answer was found in initial pre-discovery trials clinical trials for safety, efficacy, potency and quality is that bovine and chicken hyper-immune antibodies in colostrum and eggs can bind to a very wide variety of pathogens. This results in multiple diseases protection in a one a day or daily dose for immunity protection.

Some global researchers are now coming to the conclusion that antibodies in the gut play a significant role in everything from early forms of cancer such as Hodgkin’s disease to Autism. Neurological diseases like multiple sclerosis (MS) and Alzheimer’s and mental disorders seem to be linked to immune dysfunction. Also, Crohns disease shares certain traits with psychiatric illness.
As the worst Ebola outbreak in history first began in Guinea in December 2013 and has since claimed more than 11 300 lives it helped the world to appreciate one thing. What antibodies can do to treat Ebola through the immunity of human antibodies in serum that was found in some survivors. We don’t use antibodies in human serum. Actually bovine colostrum contain 100 more times antibodies than regular milk and play a key role in killing diseases.

With our APC, STBSP and UIOAP processes and systems we’ve developed multiple antibodies that can treat and prevent multiple strains of Diarrheas, PID’s, HIV/AIDS, Cancers or Ebolas of most communicable diseases as well as potentially some non communicable diseases by using ‘Centrum™- like’ multi vitamins doses. In house lab testing and full scale trials indicate so.

We’re finding other ways to provide immunity in gum, drinks, salads, ice creams yogurts and other foods. All that is needed is a 6 gram pack that when immediately swallowed coats your throat and GI Tract. This kind of immunity, could provide quick immunity for epidemics. Pre-clinical product can be made in as little as 2 weeks for tens or hundreds of strains of new diseases. If that future strain is discovered it can be added to a corresponding disease pack. Currently scientists conduct pre testing and searching for dominant strain for most populations which takes weeks or months giving the disease a chance to spread. This step is not required in our processing. In fact within one week an inactivated pathogen can produce a corresponding safe antibody for lab analysis and lab trial. It would shorten the time to make a full immunity pack in time of epidemics from 5 months with vaccines to 10 weeks for Ummunity’s final product.

But more than that – infant, childhood and adulthood immunity packages that target the recommended vaccination is now within reality with clinical trials yet to confirm this. Any new or emerging strain of a disease like Zika or Ebola can be added to our current package and help protect against many or most diseases and epidemics.

An ounce of prevention is worth it pound of cure it is said and we would like to be at the forefront of prevention using time used food products and will continue to work on the Fast Tracking process to deliver these products to you as quickly as possible.

Best Regards
Chief Technical Officer
Todd Hunter