What We’ve Done and Accomplished



Past History

In the early 1980’s, a US based company was in the diagnostic equipment business and at that time, the former President and CEO of that company, and who is now requesting anonymity due to age and family health issues, sub contracted work from a consulting company that developed the McDonald’s E Coli O15 H7 Testing Machine. The then US based company grew into an immunodiagnostics equipment and product provider for horses and foals. That business along with an introduction to protein components developed new equine products for mini horses, ponies and horses, – from Thoroughbreds to Arabians with the products ImmunoGam™, MiniGram, Lyphomune™, Gammaboost, NasoGam and Eqstend. At that time it was decided that the market was too ‘micro market’ and so research and development after the year 2000 progressed into bovine colostrum and the use of their antibodies to determine if bovine antibodies could prevent multiple diseases in cows. At that point the US company was acquired by a public company.

Under that public company scientific research was conducted in numerous areas by the then scientific team headed by a leading microbiologist who had over 30 years of experience in 13 areas of medicine, where they researched and conducted lab and animal trials using various types of hyper-immune antibodies. While bovine antibodies were the primary objective other Igs from pigs to chickens were studied to see if these antibodies also could treat very specific and targeted diseases. Their findings were affirmed. In 2008 they then developed a singular hyper-immunized bovine H1N1 antibody for the influenza A (H1N1) pandemic in April 2009 but due to regulations, it literally got lost in the paperwork.

In 2009, the discoveries led to the manufacturing of the product Bridge™ that was designed to prevent multiple diseases in dairy calves, dairy and beef herds without using vaccines. Due to Bridge’s™ unique formulation the product was designed to use in India in human studies.

Then on July 2009 the Company announced that it had signed a Letter of Intent to acquire Atlanta-based company committed to promoting the health and wellness of children by providing healthy and nutritious products and related services to support healthy eating habits and regular physical activity. The acquisition was to create a fourth operating group of the then Public Company Corporation, encompassing consumer wellness brands and beverages. However due to the economic downturn in 2008 funding never became available and the then Chairman, purchased the public company’s assets, except for some sales revenues generated by agreements. The Chairman became sole owner of everything else.

Seeing then, that it was possible to prevent colonization of one or more pathogens with animal antibodies in bovine colostrum (often called first milk), it was determined to develop and design hyper-immune bovine and egg colostrum mixtures that could:

  1. bind on multiple pathogens as oral or skin antibody packages, targeting very specific human and animal diseases;
  2. preserve these antibodies so no cool storage or special handling would be necessary while not affecting efficacy, safety, potency and quality. This process is called APC or Antibody Preservation Control; and
  3. by mixing many different kinds of antibodies STBSP was devised or Specifically Targeted Broad Spectrum Packaging targeting a very large and wide range of specific diseases in one package like a mega universal polyvalent vaccine.
  4. Finally, due to the vast array of strains of pathogens and corresponding antibodies under the acronym UIOAP or Universal Immunity Oral Antibodies Packaging was designed for many different kinds of antibodies packages. This could include individual packaging for a product like HIV or all the Enteric diseases. In the US alone, there are over 31 major pathogens various types of diarrhea based food borne diseases. Canada has a minimum of 12 major diarrhea diseases and multiple other pathogens. Likewise a package containing the top emerging diseases likely to cause major epidemics on the continent of Africa could be put into one package. They are Crimean Congo haemorrhagic fever, Ebolavirus diseases Bundibugyo, Marburg, Lassa fever, MERS and SARS coronavirus, Nipah and Rift Valley fever. However in the Ebolas: Zaire, Reston, Sudan, Taï Forest could be added as well as TB and certain other diarrhea strains. All these different antibodies blends need to be packaged as different products using UIOAP or Universal Immunity Oral Antibodies Packaging.

UIOAP also opens up the way to design antibody blends for the above various diseases globally and at home, for other targeted diseases for preemies, infants, childhood, adulthood and the elderly based on government immunization programs. Again, these packages could be used as a ‘one time only’ dose or daily doses as a treatment or prevention of both communicable or non communicable diseases depending on the condition of the individual’s health. ‘One time only’ doses are potentially for someone who is already sick.

The pre discovery full scale animal trials in 2009 were set up using various Bridge™ products where the trials lasted for 6 months in one of the largest dairy farms in California. The purpose was to see if the designed Bridge™ product worked safely on cows and could be used to replace vaccination programs, end mastitis, Johne’s, superbugs, anti-microbials and antibiotic resistance. The then President said: “This product will help stop the spread of mastitis and Johne’s disease (paratuberculosis) – a high priority disease for the U.S. cattle industry – to calves through the mother’s colostrums. This replacement product can be used as a time saving management tool for large dairies that have as many as 15 to 50 calves being born each day throughout a year.” The trials proved that cows could be raised disease free without vaccines.“Disease Free” herds is now a reality.

Also at that time it was the founder’s long time goal to see the end of many childhood diseases in the US and third world countries and entered into a multi-year, sole-source agreement with a publicly trading medical food company to supply proprietary bio-based ingredients for the manufacture of a broad-spectrum pediatric diarrhea product. This company conducted humans trials in India where the human product not only saved 20 lives but the participants in ‘compassionate use trials’ were given 24 hours to live. The following morning they were all walking around and eating breakfast. This medical food company who was one of the companies who had its own generated sales, also recently concluded a multi million dollar funding and their product was considered as one of the top 30 lifesaving innovations to reach the proposed health targets of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). One goal we have is to use our antibody packages by possibly using gum for the World Health Organization for their R&D Blueprint for Action to Prevent Epidemics in LMIC’s or Lower to Middle Income Country’s. (See Gum Trial Below)

So both animal and human trials established protocol, safety, efficacy, potency and quality of product to prevent and treat a wide range of diseases in animals and humans was possible.

At this time also, it turned out, there was another well known and respected European scientist who works on NGO projects in Africa who not only had written many scientific articles for decades about using hyper immune antibodies to prevent and treat human diseases, for medical journals, but also conducted many trials himself on animals and humans using singular types of hyper immune bovine antibodies to prevent certain diseases singularly. He also wrote a book on the use of hyper-immune colostrum and its use in the treatment of diseases in animals and humans. His conclusion was: “It is anticipated that immune colostral or milk-based preparations, targeted at specific consumer groups, may in the future have remarkable potential to contribute to human health care, both as part of a health promoting diet and as an alternative or a supplement to the medical treatment of specified human diseases.”

One of his trials on humans he used to prove that hyper-immune antibodies could be safely used was the prevention of dental cavities where he conducted this trial himself in his university. His trial was a success but could not then find the funding to go on further. He also works with HIV in Africa and has provided us with ideas about some antibodies that could be used in our formulations for our Universal PID-AIDSpak to possibly help treat HIV/AIDS patients and for those whose immunity deficiency is very low as in most primary immune deficiencies (PID’s). Upon funding has asked us to conduct further trials using his gum to get his gum product approved for the market. He acts as one of our consulting scientists now.

The original idea was to take one pill a day to prevent and treat diseases or what was called a ‘Maintenance Pack’ to keep immune systems ‘topped up’. The Maintenance Pack was to be taken like multi-vitamins. We’ve now changed the name to Universal Orpak.

As vaccines are the main means to immunity against diseases in large populations some of the scientific equipment the company used, had to be redesigned for mass production of bovine and egg antibodies to produce pure, uncontaminated consistent batches, – and batch after batch. Therefore it was also decided to license and sell these turn key plants that were designed to be set up anywhere in the world with just two 40 foot containers. We plan to do this for LMIC’s for he World Health Organization for their R&D Blueprint for Action to Prevent Epidemics.

Since 2010 research has continued develop immunity packages for various communicable and non communicable diseases for Heart and Lung diseases, Alzheimer’s, MS, Skin and many other Autoimmune Disorders as well as Neglected Tropical Diseases including parasitic diseases. More specifically in the last 2 years research has been targeted at non communicable diseases as recent research in Neuroimmunology has proven that there is direct relation of immunity to brain, muscle, nerves, heart diseases. There are also new therapies are being developed for some forms of cancer in a new study called immunotherapy. It has been scientifically proven that some of these diseases can be a cause of a lack of certain specific antibodies or immunity.

With the research conducted we now need to formalize clinical trials. But why work on some communicable and communicable diseases like HIV/AIDS treatments that already have some product develop research and in some cases, products? The answer is simple. While clinical trials still need to conducted on preemies, infants and pregnant women, initial trials indicate there are no known side effects and rapid recovery from specific diseases is possible. Its found that antibodies work immediately causing the belief that symptoms and infections can be reduced significantly leading to a better quality of life.

These initial and worldwide clinical trials will prove in 2017 onward just how many communicable and non communicable diseases can be brought under control. Interesting too, will be to see how the public will react to gum, milkshakes and other foods or drinks could play as a role in the future to the have remarkable potential to contribute to human health care, both as part of a health promoting diet and as an alternative or a supplement to the medical treatment.

Again as the former Chairman and CEO is requesting anonymity due to age and family health issues, we will continue with the vision and statement he made in a newswire in 2009 concerning their global supply agreements “to extend our portfolio of bio-tech solutions” and “also expands our international distribution network” through licensing and turn key plants. We will not only pursue Animal Wellness but also Human Wellness by diversifying products into Drugs in above mentioned areas through clinical trials as hyper-immune antibodies are considered a drug. Regular colostrum is not a drug and we will pursue selling colostrum as a Medical Food and Dietary Supplement.