Oral Antibodies Targeting Clinical Trials for Potentially Disease-Free Humans

New oral antibodies immunity targeting Phase 1 of clinical trials that could be used as an option or replacement for vaccines

From farms and labs in Wisconsin to a major dairy farm in California, research, product development and finally large-scale clinical trials were held to find out if oral antibodies, found in bovine colostrum or its first milk, would be able to prevent not just one disease but all barnyard diseases. In these trials, we wanted to see if it was possible to provide immunity against many diseases, but without vaccines. These full-scale trials clearly demonstrated it was possible to not only replace vaccines but replace antibiotics, antimicrobials to produce healthier, heavier animals and end superbugs. We produced disease-free herds by using Ummunity Corp Oral Antibodies Bridge™. These 6-month trials also proved we can eliminate Johne’s Disease, Mastitis and reduce Passive Failure Transfer.

Ummunity Corp Oral Antibodies are made from a very special Intellectual Process that makes hundreds of very specific antibodies, for a multitude of diseases in ONE DOSE.

With such huge success in the animal trials, there was only one thing left to do. That was to conduct trials on humans to see if humans could be disease-free. The first issues to deal with in the trials were safety, efficacy and potency of product that ensured batch after batch could be made consistently. Would the product actually work on humans as it did on animals? Patients who were given 24 hours to live who had various severe diarrhea diseases lived. Not only were they living the following morning, but were eating and walking around. This shows the tremendous capability of Ummunity Corp Universal Oral Antibodies, and has now led us to clinical trials.

Ummunity Corp is now requesting crowdfunding to help them to get the product ready for Phase 1 of clinical trials. If you want to help us provide a non-vaccine product, please go to www.universalimmunity.com to learn more.

Ummunity Corp is also now actively searching for potential partners or licensors to use its Bridge™ products on farms. Additionally, it will release its first official announcement in a few weeks as to when Ummunity Corp will begin its Phase 1 clinical trials for several human products containing Ummunity Corp Oral Antibodies for humans.

It is important to note here that these products still need investigation and market authorization has not yet been obtained.

Source: Ummunity Corp

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