Ummunity Corp Reaching Out to Globe to Share Technology

North America has two of the most developed countries in the world and yet these two countries lose billions of dollars in lost productivity, spend hundreds of billions on hospitalizations and healthcare. Europeans, while they fare better, are still searching for a Universal Flu Vaccine and are currently conducting research to find a better immunity in animals in institutes all across Europe.

Umminty Corp’s product Bridge™ is in the process of being registered and can be used to produce ‘Disease Free’ animal herds. Ummunity Corp is waiting for funding through crowdfunding or to find a partner(s) to get batches for Universal Diapak, Flupak and PID-AIDSPak prepared for clinical trials.

What Africa really need is turnkey plants to implement and control the WHO R&D Blueprint — what in the West is called ‘Neglected Tropical Diseases’ and other ravaging diseases like HIV/AIDS, TB, Enteric Diseases, Heart and Lower Respiratory Diseases, Meningitis, Malarias, Infectious digestive disorders, several strains of Ebola. South America and Southeast Asia also are in need of their own infrastructures. Specially formulated packages could possibly be made in gum form for all these African diseases to avoid special cooling and handling.

Ummunity Corp has an answer to Africa’s Health problems with “turnkey plants” ready to set up in 3 days and to begin manufacturing its own immunity packages within 4-6 months and then to get their product registered and to clinical trials. These turnkey facilities meet CGMP while highly technical and cutting-edge equipment is mainly operated by pushing of buttons. Keeping strict hygienic standards in these facilities can be overcome with proper training in African Plants.

However, for North America, the first step is for financial partner(s) is to get Ummunity’s Universal Diapak, Flupak and PID-AIDSPak products ready for clinical trials through the fast-tracking process. Pre-discovery trials indicated that fast-tracking approval from the scientific community would not be difficult as treatment was obtained overnight and prevention was trialed for 6 months, both with 100% efficacy. Other funding from crowdfunding or partners will be used to manufacture dietary supplements, infant milk powder, set up turnkey facilities in other global regions or manufacture batches and register the product(s) in those regions. Ummunity Corp will work with partners to set up new lines of product or beverages for their regions that can be manufactured according to the needs of each region and then get the products ready for clinical trials.

It’s important to note that Ummunity products still need investigation, and market authorization has not been yet obtained.

Source: Ummunity Corp


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