Why Ummunity Corp’s Robust Plans for Potential Partnerships is Important

With the global population reaching 8.5 billion in 2030 and close to 10 billion by 2050, providing safer food — be it meats, dairy foods, beverages or vegetables to restaurants — is a major concern. But one US company, with a Canadian subsidiary, is now about to bring the ‘Disease Free’ Animals and for the moment ‘Healthy Living’ concept to reality.

Is it really possible? Yes indeed, and quicker than one thinks! Can the E. coli, Salmonella, Listeria and hundreds of foodborne illnesses that affect one in six Americans and about 60% of Canadians and which causes both nations 10’s of billions dollars of lost productivity be reduced, if not eliminated? How about the 30,000 deaths in Canada and 3,000 in the US along with hundreds of thousands of hospitalizations each year? Can these deaths and diseases, along with HIV/AIDS, Universal Flu, childhood, teenage and adulthood Diseases, Norovirus, etc., be avoided? Or what about the superbugs or culling of millions of animals? All of these can be controlled in the next year or two or near future.

So a very robust plan is about to be put into action. Ummunity Corp is still requesting the public’s full support to Ummunity Corp’s crowdfunding. Why? A diminished immunity as in the case of immune deficiencies including HIV/AIDS, early stages of some cancers and diarrhea-based diseases are the main reasons for causes leading to death. So what is needed is that immunity has to be built up with very specific antibodies, which Ummunity Corp has developed. Then get the products into clinical trials and, if possible, fast tracking. Through fast tracking, more lives may be saved. Even a gum that prevents cavities that has worked in early clinical trials and has proven to help prevent tooth decay is slated for major clinical trials. If clinical trials work for the gum, then it’s possible to replace the ‘shot’ or vaccine with a stick of gum.

Ummunity Corp is now inviting the public, commercial business giants, and the governments to support crowdfunding or to become partners in what could be called the era of Disease Free humans and animals using antibodies. The robust plan entails putting products that have already been proven in Ummunity Corp’s pre-discovery trials that have a 100% prevention and treatment record. Again, prevention and treatment of many current diseases like all diarrhea or enteric diseases, cancer, HIV/AIDS, Universal influenza and universal vaccine and dental cavities will be targeted in clinical trials.

It’s important to note that Ummunity products still need investigation, and market authorization has not been yet obtained.

Source: Ummunity Corp at www.universalimmunity.com

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