Ummunity Corp Oral Antibodies – Option to Vaccines – Like Taking Vitamin

The pain of Vaccines

Is it ever possible to get away from getting the shot? Or see the end pictures of grimaces or pain of getting a needle for childhood or adult shots? Or will situations like the measles in Disneyland in 2015 cease? Also, can there be an end to epidemics, such as HIV/AIDS, SARS, Ebola, Zika or the next flu epidemic scientists say will happen?

Wilmington, DE, May 16, 2017 ( – Ummunity Corp believes that the company’s brand name of Oral Antibodies is the solution to epidemics, disease prevention and treatment without vaccines, and it may be as simple as taking 6 grams of powder every day until the epidemic or sickness has passed. For chronic disease treatments, it may be longer. But just how far away is it to seeing these products on market? Ummunity Corp Oral Antibodies are much more effective than vaccines, as we’ll explain, which could help speed up the fast-tracking process.

First, remember, antibodies whether orally taken or vaccine generated, work for many reasons, but why are Ummunity Corp Oral Antibodies better?

Antibodies bind up, kill, destroy or gobble up pathogens on contact. They act to prevent the pathogens from spreading. So if pathogens or antigens (harmful bacteria, viruses, toxins) are on the tongue in the throat, esophagus or stomach, they’ll be ‘gobbled up instantly,’ and that is why Ummunity Corp Oral Antibodies are better than vaccines. The pathogens don’t even get a chance to make you feel or get sick. Umminity Corp Oral Antibodies gobble pathogens up. Clinical trials will prove this, time after time. Ummunity Corp Oral Antibodies work instantly. Vaccine-generated antibodies work in 7-10 days.

In initial pre-discovery trial, Ummunity Corp antibodies saved 20 lives. Ummunity Corp antibodies are natural, made from bovine colostrum or milk and eggs. HIV/AIDS, immune deficiency, chronic diseases, flus, diarrhea-based diseases and virtually all antigens including measles are packaged into one single multiple blend dose and, when taken once, daily or for the duration of an epidemic or sickness, will provide one with double protection — first, instant protection, and second, we can’t pass it on! Better than a vaccine, mask with no special cooling or handling! Please see crowdfunding.

In epidemics, each pathogenic strain, collected from day one, is inactivated in hours. Pathogens are inactivated or deadened in a day or so, and are changed into antibodies in as little as 15 days. Ummunity’s antibodies will be ready for clinical trials as early as 18-20 days. Think of the benefits if such a treatment had been available for Ebola? Doses for the masses would be ready in 7-10 weeks! This works on animals the same way!

It’s important to note that Ummunity products still need investigation and market authorization has not been yet obtained.

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