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Ummunity Corp uses a very wide range of blends of oral antibodies targeting most infectious or communicable and non communicable diseases/antigens. These packages could be used as an optional treatment package for vaccines for all ages. Ummunity Oral antibodies packages contain a multitudinous range of different antibodies in one package for treatment for a very wide range of diseases for treatment or prevention of: enteric, diarrhea and digestive diseases in one dose. Our universal flu oral antibody package contains almost all the influenzas in one dose. Third, our PID’s HIV/AIDS contains antibodies that help defend and boost the immune system against antigens in one dose. With cancers we are targeting Leukemia and early stage cancers like Hodgkin’s. The option for immunization programs with full range of antibodies targeting the vaccination immunization programs is called Universal Orpak and lastly a Gumpak for Cavities. We are working on Heart, Alzheimer’s and other packages for specific groups or families of diseases also.

Our Pipeline

Ummunity’s extensive pipeline focuses targeting over 50 infectious agents in one package using STBSP or specifically targeted broad spectrum packaging for a wide range of therapies.


Ummunity Corp platforms are highly adaptable using specifically targeted antibodies to deliver truly universal products like Universal Enteric, Universal Flu and Universal  Immunization Packages while delivering immunity not only in a cost effective manner but safely, effectively and with top quality products that deliver rapid acting treatments and preventions of therapeutic solutions.

Career Opportunities

Ummunity is taking on required positions and is dedicated to research dedicated to the research, development, and commercialization of therapeutic antibodies. Join a team that makes a difference in patients’ lives!

Crowdfunding FAQs

Ummunity is a privately held company with over 20 years of research gone into this project including product and equipment development and pre-discovery trials.

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